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I have been trying to run tests using TestDriven .Net from within VS2005 using TypeMock 4.03. Am am also using Resharper although i doubt that has anything to do with this. I have the very latest beta of TestDriven (it was also happening with prior editions). It does not matter if the test uses TypeMock directly or not. I am linked to the latest version of ncover

Whenever i run these nothing happens for a while then i get the following error in the output window:

Couldn't connect to test runner process

No other information is provided. Unless i remove the typemock addin i cant run any tests at all. 2nd serious issue i have found in 2 days and i can't find any mention of it anywhere. Wouldnt mind so much if this product didn't cost so much. I think this product is awsome when it works but it is a battle to make it work (and stay working). :?

The Linked profilers log contains:

Logging program: C:Program FilesTestDriven.NET 2.0ProcessInvocation.exe
Cannot read EnvName0  => The system cannot find the file specified. Reset Location: C:PROGRA~1NCoverCoverLib.dll 
Adding profiler: {6287B5F9-08A1-45E7-9498-B5B2E7B02995}
Loaded C:PROGRA~1NCoverCoverLib.dll 
Adding typemock profiler
Loaded C:Program FilesTypeMockTypeMock.NETMockWeaver.dll 
Target Runtime .NET 2.0
Initialize Profiler 0, Target Runtime .NET 2.0
Initialize Profiler 1, Target Runtime .NET 2.0

The other log for processinvocation.exe contains:

Logging program: C:Program FilesTestDriven.NET 2.0ProcessInvocation.exe
Known namespace: nunit 
Known namespace: vstesthost.exe 
Known namespace: MbUnit 
Known namespace: TestDriven.TestRunner.dll 
Known namespace: JetBrains.ReSharper.UnitTestRunner.exe 

This did work previously.
asked by pdwebb (1.3k points)

6 Answers

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Linking with NCover will not run properly, this is because NCover must be run through NCover.Console.exe.
And you are running TestDriven.NET

We have actually made it really easy to do this using TestDriven.NET

:arrow: Make sure NCover is NOT linked
:arrow: Just Click Test With... N-Coverage

TestDriven will do all the linking and run the NCoverage exe for you
answered by scott (32k points)
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ok as an update, I find that if i unlink the profiler it seems to be ok.
I am a little confused as i thought typemock needed the profiler to work? I know there are some issues where the profiler gets started too early by other products but i dont think that should be happening here... especially since it did previously work fine with a linked profiler. :?

I think this all needs to be better documented now that there is close integration between TestDriven and TypeMock. It seems it does not work as configured out of the box? (or is it just me!) :roll:
answered by pdwebb (1.3k points)
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thanks scott, i think we posted at the same time. Its working fine now. Maybe you might want to auto-detect Test Driven and automatically unlink the profiler so it's a smoother process getting it all going. :D
answered by pdwebb (1.3k points)
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That is a great idea, we should do this, I will add it to our feature list
answered by scott (32k points)
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This page is the only google indexed instance of the errror:
Couldn't connect to test runner process


I am not using TypeMock (yet) but would appreciate any pointers with regards to being able to run tests using the Debugger.

I've TestDriven.NET 2.12.2179 and VS.NET 2005 Professional.

Any help appreciated.

Kofi Sarfo
answered by Tzarpho (140 points)
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The error you see may indicate that Test Driven process is crashing during the test run. We had some cases in which the Isolator had caused such things to happen but since your not using it this is not the case.

Thats about all we can say according to the given info. What you can do is contact Jamie at, Im sure he will be of more help on this.
answered by lior (13.2k points)