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0 votes
On my colleagues computer we have following strange behaviour:
1.) When starting a test run from within the ReSharper TestRunner no test is executed. The TestRunner event doesn't mark that the testrun has been started and immediately stops.
2.) When disabling TypeMock (Menu->Tools->Disable TypeMock) everything works fine.

We have no clue what's the reason for that behaviour. We are running TypeMock and ReSharper 4.0.819.19.

Do you have an idea or do you know how we could analyze the problem?

Thanks a lot
asked by Enceradeira (2.3k points)

3 Answers

0 votes
If you configure VS2008 to start the project with internal option [start external program] set to nunit.exe version 2.4.7, you receive a exception with the the message “Common Language Runtime detected an invalid program.”

In case you disable typemock as follows, VS > tools > disable typemock isolator. All the stuff works fine and nunit starts as expected.
answered by Enceradeira (2.3k points)
0 votes
Could you, please, download the new version and try again?
answered by Menahem (260 points)
0 votes
Thanks a lot. It helped.
answered by Enceradeira (2.3k points)