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I experienced this before, but lately it was stable. Looks like I am having this problem again.

- Upgraded TypeMock Isolator to version 5.2 (in fact, 5.2.1 internal build that was sent to us)
- Upgraded TestDriven.NET to 2.18 beta
- Run "Run Tests" from TestDriven menu, works fine, all mocking is done.
- Run "Test with Coverage", NCover fails to generate coverage report.
- Check "Isolator Configuration". It is not linked to coverage tool. Link it to NCover
- Run "Test with Coverage", now TypeMock complains that it is not enabled.
- Check "Isolator Configuration" again. It still is not linked to coverage tool. Link it to NCover.

and so on, and so force. If I don't link TypeMock with NCover, coverage generation fails (and it should), if I link it, first time it complains that TypeMock is not enabled, after that it mysteriously unlinks TypeMock from NCover and then coverage generation fails again.

The problem occurs only from within Visual Stuidio, but it is painful enough.

What can be wrong? I remember I've seen it before.
asked by vagif (19.4k points)

24 Answers

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OK, I've sent the patch to your gmail, thanks for your patience.
answered by doron (17.2k points)
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I've finally resolved payment/licensing issues, so I was able to test your patch, and I confirmed it works with NCover. Thanks for the update!
answered by vagif (19.4k points)
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I am also having the same issues with NCover. Any chance I can get the patch too?
answered by timberston (1.3k points)
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Good News - we've just released Isolator 5.2.2 that solves this issue.
answered by dhelper (11.9k points)