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I need copies of the Isolator 5.2.3 32-bit and 64-bit releases. How can I get those? I don't see any "previous releases" links on the site.
asked by RonRatz (3k points)

10 Answers

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I will send you the requested version by email.

Can you please tell me why do you choose to install an old version?

Isolator 5.2.3 is an older version and as such doesn't have the new bug fixes and the new features of the newest versions (ex. DoInstead, Exact Arguments etc.) It seems to me that you should install the newer version instead (if possible).
answered by dhelper (11.9k points)
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I occasionally have to do this, too, get installers for older versions because when working on a project with a large group of devs, everyone has to have the same version of Isolator installed and you can't just upgrade every time there's a new version.

I may be breaking some sort of code here, but the installers are always in the same place and follow a particular format: ...

So the 5.2.3 installer is at: ...

I hope they don't change this because it's really helpful to have it available.
answered by tillig (6.7k points)
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Travis is right on with his reply. I would like to upgrade (especially to take advantage of the exact argument checking and specific constructor invocation, which are things I've been wanting in the AAA interface) but we have 7 devs on the team and we have TypeMock installed on our build server. We have a policy that we don't upgrade unless there is consensus amongst the team. When we do upgrade, I have to upgrade the Isolator assemblies that we reference in our projects and that our build servers uses and all the devs have to upgrade our local machines. Fortunately, on our build server we use the TypeMockRegister and TypeMockStart MSBuild tasks so that I don't have to have it installed there. All in all, it's fairly painless to upgrade but I can't do it any time I want (unfortunately).

Travis kindly pointed me to the 32-bit version. I'm setting up a 64-bit machine. I would like to install the 64-bit version w/ VS 2008. Could you email that to me? Is there still a requirement to have both 32 and 64-bit versions installed? I saw that in another post.

Travis, thanks for your reply and the link. BTW, I'm not far from you - Sandy OR. I'm occasionally at PADNUG.

Ron Ratzlaff
answered by RonRatz (3k points)
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Hi Ron

If you are installing on 64 bit machine you don't have to install the 32 bit version anymore.
I sent you the by mail the 64 bit version.

Please let me know if you got it.
answered by ohad (35.4k points)
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Got it! Thanks for the great support.
answered by RonRatz (3k points)
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By the way, the 'previous versions' link possibility you raised is duly noted :).

We'll have a page up with the last few versions available for easy download soon.
answered by avik (1.8k points)
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I, too, need to download the 64 bit version of Isolator 5.2.3, though there is still no "previous versions" link on the download page. Any help would be appreciated.
answered by lanceheld (710 points)
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I'll email you with a download link.

Typemock Support
answered by doron (17.2k points)
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I see that others have been able to get a x64 bit version.

Can i get a x64 bit version of TypeMockIsolator 4.3.2

Feel welcome to mail it to me :)

And same story as the others.

Cheers Utte
answered by Utte (180 points)
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Hey again. Thanks for the help.

For people landing here from google.

You get the versions like so:
(XYZ is the version number)

x32 ...

x64 ...

again thanks for the fast help (email)
answered by Utte (180 points)