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you can find online documentation for using Typemock Isolator at:

for example -

here's how you can fake future objects (taking over 'new' inside production code):

or SharePoint:
here's how you can use Typemock Isolator for faking Sharepoint related objects:
asked by royo (2k points)

3 Answers

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answered by daskinne (1.7k points)
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Hello David,

It seems like out documentation server is down.
We are working to fix it, until than you can find the documentation on your machine as chm file.
START -> programs -> Typemock -> Isolator 7.0 -> Typemock Guide

Hope it helps.
answered by NofarC (4k points)
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Hi David,

The documentation server is back up.
Thanks again for noticing.
answered by NofarC (4k points)