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Below test code will fail with expection "*** Cannot use Isolate.Verify on a static method without first setting static method behavior using Isolate.Fake.StaticMethods()"

// Some code calling the static method...    
Isolate.Verify.WasCalledWithArguments(() => AuthenticationAttempt<CustomUserLoginAttempt>.Log(null)).
        Matching(a =>
          CustomUserLoginAttempt loginAttempt = a[0] as CustomUserLoginAttempt;
          return loginAttempt.Attempts == 1;

Obviously typemock supports verification on static method. The only problem i can see is my example is a generic class. So anybody can tell if Typemock can verify in this case. If so, then how? Many thanks.
asked by wk_vigorous (1.2k points)

1 Answer

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This seems to be a bug in Isolator when faking static methods on generic types. I'll investigate this further and add it to our product backlog. As a workaround, you can probably get away with faking the method directly in a WhenCalled() statement:
Isolate.WhenCalled(() => AuthenticationAttempt<CustomUserLoginAttempt>.Log(null)).IgnoreCall();

Please let me know if the workaround works for you.

Typemock Support
answered by doron (17.2k points)