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0 votes
auto pit = FAKE<P>();
CString busdate("20140902");
auto testdate = pit->GetBusDate(); // Works fines
func( pit );

void func( const P* pit ){
auto testdate = pit->GetBusDate(); // Fails here
asked by things (680 points)

5 Answers

0 votes
Support has suggest that I try setting the environment variable "IPP_PDB_PATH" to C:Windowssymbolsdll.
It can also be done at the beginning of the test using winapi function like this:
SetEnvironmentVariable(L"IPP_PDB_PATH", L"C:\Windows\symbols\dll");
answered by things (680 points)
0 votes
Not sure if the previous response worked for anybody, but I was finally able to resolve this by ensuring that the test project and CUT have the same character set. In VS, go to properties>configuration properties> character set
answered by things (680 points)
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Thank you for the update :D
answered by alex (17k points)
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Hi all,

On each of the buildagents that I use (Windows Server 2012 R2 with TFS 2013 U2) I receive the following error when I try to run my TypeMock-enabled builds. Could someone indicate where to look for a possible solution? I am using the latest 7.5.6 version.
answered by saba (140 points)
0 votes
Hi saba,

This is an I++ question, please reopen your question in .NET forum and add the error message.
answered by Bar (3.3k points)