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I am having an issue running all the tests in my unit test project. Typemock Test Navigator is only finding tests in the files that I open. If I do not open the test file then The test runner will not run the tests when I select Typemock -> Run -> All Tests.  How can I make Typemock discover all the tests without opening each test file?

Typemock Isolator

VS Enterprise 2017 Version 15.7.1


asked by juice_johnson (9.8k points)

1 Answer

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You have an option to run unit-test projects from a folder.
Typemock->Options->SmartRunner->Run from folder 

You can also read about it in the documentation.


answered by David (1.9k points)
edited by David

Yeah, that doesn't really solve the problem. According to the documentation for this feature here  the default location is the build output of each test project. So that should be fine in my case since I haven't changed the build location.  Another option that I am using, according to your documentation here is to Run All Tests in a Project.  When I right click my test project and choose this option, still, only the tests that I have opened the files for will be run. For example, I have 3016 unit tests when I click "Run all Tests in Project" only 77 tests are run.  This recently just started happening.  I have never had this problem until recently. Is there some cache file i can clean out or something?

Please close the VS,

Go to the solution destination and delete the cache file.
[\"your solution name\"].IsolatorCache.user

Open the VS again and try running all tests, that should work.

What has changed in your workflow since its started to happen?