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I am having a machine on which I am building my project. Output of this project has a several gtest unit test exe files.  I want to launch them afterwards via jenkins agent.
If i run the exe files manually it works fine.
My jenkins agent is running under my user (confirmed by whoami) but its reporting that the license is not a server linces.
Would a server license be needed for this use case ?
Is this usage against the free license? I could not find anything in the license forbiding this.
asked by rob15 (610 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Rob,

Yes, in order to run your tests under a server you will need to purchase a server license.
The free license is for local use, therefore you see it works on your local machine and fails in Jenkins.

Would you be interested on purchasing a server license?

Alon Sapozhnikov
Typemock Team

answered by Alon_TypeMock (10.4k points)
Hi Alon,

I wouldn't think this is running under a server, as its all built and executed on a single machine all under the same user. Just the trigger comes from a jenkins agent.
Is this something that is actively monitored and blocked by the Isolator++?
Could you point me to the license section where this usage is forbidden?
The minimum license for this would come at 5700$ for every year of usage right?

Thanks for the asnwers!

Hi Rob,

Yes, it is monitored and blocked by Isolator++ to the basic free edition of Isolator++.
Of course, here is the link to the relevant page:
As for the pricing, this information will be provided from our Sales department, they will contact you asap.

Alon Sapozhnikov.
Typemock Team.

Hi Rob,

Did our Sales team contact you?

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Our solution is designed to streamline your development workflow, reduce debugging time, and enhance code quality.
By seamlessly integrating with your existing tools and offering a wide range of testing capabilities, Typemock empowers your team to deliver high-quality software more efficiently. All this WITHOUT needing to change your code!

If you need any more assistance or help integrating our products with your code don't hestiate to contact us.

Alon Sapozhnikov.
Support Specialist.