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I am already a registered user but dont know how/when I get the Demo License.

asked by felipe2050 (1.6k points)

4 Answers

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First, Welcome :-D

You should have recived the demo license, in the registration confirmation mail.
This is the mail that was sent to you to activate your account.

If you cannot find it, I will ask to send you the license again.

Once you get the license you can enter it in the TypeMock Configuration.
(Start->All Programs -> TypeMock.NET)
Click the License Tab, enter the license and click Demo License.

You can now use all Enterprise Features but mock only one type.
answered by scott (32k points)
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I installed the demo license and I try to understand how it work and if it will be useful for our product, but all tests doesn't run well.

I begin with the Natural Mocks and running with debugger each test to understand the possibility but no test in Test4 will works. I always see the Demo warning saying that the Demo only allow to Mock once.

This is the first test of the Test4_Instances.cs and the line in bold throw the exception.


/// <summary>
/// We will test mocking instance
/// </summary>
public void MockFutureInstanceOfProduct() 
    // Start Mocking
    using (RecordExpectations recorder = new RecordExpectations())
        // Let mock the product - this will mock the next invocation of Product,
        Product mockProduct = new Product();                  // <== This line throws the exception
        // it will mock constructors too so our price will be 0

    // The GetProduct will call new Product so this product is mocked
    IProduct product = ProductFactory.GetProduct("name");
    // Just check that price is now 0;
    // Lets call it again - this time a new instance will be made that is not mocked
    IProduct product2 = ProductFactory.GetProduct("other");
    // Just check that price is now 10;

I didn't change anything. I used VS2005 with to run test. All previous test worked well.

What can I do to try all the feature with the demo license ?

answered by burger100 (140 points)
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I will send you a temporary evaluation license.
answered by scott (32k points)
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This will be fixed in the next version
answered by scott (32k points)