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0 votes
I am trying to use NCover to get code coverage.
When I try to register NCover with typemock.exe my list of available profilers/code coverage is empty. I have installed Ncover 1.3.3 in the default directory.

How is an ncover-installation detected. How can I trick into finding ncover?

I haven't recieved my permanent key yet. Using 3.0.0
asked by nizze (640 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
:arrow: Basiclly the steps are as follows:
1. Open the TypeMock.NET Configuration, License Tab
2. Enter the demo license you recived after registring
3. Check the 'Demo License' box
4. In the Profilers Tab you should see NCover.

:arrow: If you don't see NCover then do the following:

5. Exit TypeMock.NET Configuration
6. Browse to the installation directory (Program FilesTypeMock.NETTypeMock.NET)
7. Edit typemockconfig.xml, browse to the end of the file just before:

8. Add the following lines
    <Profiler Name="NCover1.3" Clsid="{4BD66EB5-1F60-4bbd-8820-5E13080D49BE}" DirectLaunch="false">
      <EnvironmentList />

9. Restart TypeMock.NET Configuration

:arrow: If this still doesn't work

10. Start->Run->regedit.exe
11. Find HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTCvrlib.CoverageProfilerCLSID
12. Open the CLSID and copy the default value to the Clsid attribute in typemockconfig.xml
13. Restart TypeMock.NET Configuration

I hope this helps
answered by scott (32k points)