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First great pice of work! I'm working with it for a 2 days now and its still amazing how easy it is to setup test. And this whitout any test code in my production code.

I have a question is it posible to create and use a Custom Argument Check for Ref/out parameter???

In other words I want to check a few field of an object that is send (as a ref param) to the mock and then "return" (it a ref) a predifiend state object.

If not is it an easy implementation so maybe a new feature? :idea:

asked by syro2 (680 points)

3 Answers

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I found it already. sorry for this topic

from the topic "argument constrains":
2. Use the DynamicReturnValues (it can be used for void methods too)
mock.ExpectAndReturn("DoSomething",new DymanicReturnValue(Method));

In the Method we can perform our checks and change ref and out values.
answered by syro2 (680 points)
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There is an even simpler way:

suppose we have the following method:
void MyMethod(ref int arg)

we want to mock arg to output 10 and our custom checker is called Check

Here is the code.
  // set arg to 10
new Assign(10).AndCheck(
  // invoke custom checker
  new ParameterCheckerEx(Check)));
answered by richard (3.9k points)
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Thanks i have it working now.

(But to bad it is a enterprice feature.)
answered by syro2 (680 points)