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I am using the free version (but I guess there really isn't a free version), My nant script looks like the following.

<target name="test" description="runs the unit and acceptance tests">

<!-- Dynamically load TypeMock task. -->
<loadtasks assembly="${typemock.dir}TypeMock.NAntBuild.dll" />
<typemockregister company ="MyCompanyName" license="MY-DEMO-LICENSE-HERE" />

<exec program="${typemock.bat.on}"/>
<exec program="${nunit-console.exe}">
<arg value="${project.tests.core.dir}in${}Core.Tests.dll" />
<exec program="${}"/>


My execution errors when running nant and executing the tests are the following.


[loadtasks] Scanning assembly "TypeMock.NAntBuild" for extensions.
[typemockregister] Error Registering TypeMock.NET

BUILD FAILED - 1 non-fatal error(s), 0 warning(s)

Error Registering TypeMock.NET.

How do I register TypeMock.NET so I can use this framework? Is it even usable, or do I need to pony up the cash and buy it?

I just want to be able to build, test, and deploy my projects using TypeMock.NET. I am able to use RhinoMocks just fine without problems. There are some features of TypeMock.NET that I need, but I do not need all the features.

Can I realistically use the "free" version of TypeMock.NET, or is it going to be so miserable until I finally purchase the Professional, and then have to upgrade again to Enterprise?

Thanks for the help.
asked by amueller (640 points)

2 Answers

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I understand that you are using the Community Edition.
We are giving most of TypeMocks functionality for free in the Community Community Edition and we have many customers who are happy using it. 8)
Some features like NAnt integration are not part of the Community Edition.

:idea: I am sure that if you are serious about your codes quality and/or want to practice agile development to be competitve, you would want the best tools to do the job. Many of our customers understand this and enjoy using all the features of TypeMock, allowing them to test more code in less time without refactoring their code just to make it testable.

If you want I can send you an Evaluation License.

:arrow: Try it, you won't be able to turn back.
answered by scott (32k points)
0 votes
Please send me an evaluation version. I appreciate your help answering my questions. I look forward to getting this working for us.
answered by amueller (640 points)