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I am a newbie in Typemock and I have developed a very simple unit test to be run in Visual Studio Ultimate beta 2. The problem is that it is asking me to update my build MSBUILD script to include TypemockStart.

My Visual Studio 2008 team edition works Ok and I do not know why and how to update my MSBUILD Script in 2010. I do not need TFS, I do not have a team working on my project.

Can you help me and indicate how can I find the tfsbuild.prj and how can I update it to make Typemock work.

Thanks in advance
asked by mvbaffa (600 points)

1 Answer

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VS2010 is not supported yet, and we're aware that the Tasks for MSBuild is one of the features that need upgrading.

In the upcoming weeks, we're going to release a VS2010 compatible version. We'll keep you posted.

answered by gilz (14.5k points)