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This morning our tfs builds suddenly started to fail when running mstest. No error message in the build log from mstest. I can reproduce it by running mocking_on.bat on the build server and either executing mstest.exe or tmockrunner.exe. It will give my a CLR error 80004005. When I open the configuration app, it gives a bunch of errors. This has happened to me before, where typemock does seem to be able to read it's own configuraiton. It repaired the installation, inserted the license information again and it is running fine now. What is going on here - TypeMock is getting to be a very high maintenance framework build server wise :(

Both build servers were corrupted this morning.
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asked by jnus (3.9k points)

4 Answers

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hmm - both build servers cannot read their typemock configuration again now. Can this be caused by other team builds calling the register target on old typemock 6.x versions? (msbuild)
answered by jnus (3.9k points)
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It could be, register task changes the installation directory. The license form depends on the installation directory.

Does the build script also undeploy?

You can check that also by repairing using the installer.

Typemock Support
answered by Elisha (12k points)
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As soon as I repair, reboot and insert the license information, it's running again.
Our old team builds (approx. 30+ msbuild build defs), registers and deploys and undeploys 6.x versions.
answered by jnus (3.9k points)
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Just to follow up on this issue. I've removed register task from the import so no projects can invoke the register command. The TypeMock configuration/installation has not been corrupted since.
answered by jnus (3.9k points)