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Hi, I have a setup like the following:

myClient -> myWcfService -> externalWcfService

That is, I have a "client" (an api) which calls to a "wcf service" I have written. My wcf-service then calls to an external wcf-service.

I would like to know if it is possible to use TypeMock Isolator to mock the external wcf-service, and write a test that calls my client api class, which calls my wcf service (which is running), which then uses the mock external wcf-service to generate data. (I'd like a test which includes execising the communication between my client and my wcf-service).

I guess this is not possible, because my client test instantiates the mocked external wcf-service, but this context is lost as soon as execution passes via wcf from my client to my wcf-service. Any advice and ideas appreciated.

Thanks, Peter.
asked by xdzgor (3.3k points)

1 Answer

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Hi - I found out I could start up a ServiceHost containing my wcf-service, and run the test that way. That's acceptable for me.
answered by xdzgor (3.3k points)