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Since I update my Typemock to version I can\'t jump to tests in the Text editor from my Test Navigator. In the Typemock Output windows the following error is given: \"Timeout waiting for  to open

goto file error finding view model for C:\\Locationoffilewiththetest, Testname\"

Next to that the shields of Typemock are not shown in front of the testmethods.

Can anybody help?
asked by Prutpan (600 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Prutpan,

I would like you to try a possible solution to the problem.

Please uninstall Typemock Isolator from your machine completely, including deleting the registries.

Go to the Registry Editor in your machine then HKEY_CURRENT_USER then Software and finally delete the Typemock folder.

Additionally, go to the Developer Command Prompt for VS 20XX(your version) and write devenv /setup.

After all of these steps, install Isolator again.

I hope it will fix the issue, if not please open a ticket in our Premium Support tab with all the relevant info including logs of the run(you can enable the logs in the Isolator Configurator).


Alon Sapozhnikov

Support Speciallist.


answered by Alon_TypeMock (880 points)