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Hello all,

I have a project that has many external libraries. I want to use isolator++ for the unit test. I am trying to integrate it however, while building it says `Logger::Logger() has been declared multiple times. Is there any possibility to bypass logger in typemock.

Thank you.
closed with the note: Typemock Logger namespace was changed to fix this issue. Implemented in latest version.
asked by tekinalpuzun (600 points)
closed by Alon_TypeMock

1 Answer

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Could you please provide us with some more information?

Also, it will be very helpful if you could send us a sample project so we could recreate the issue on our side.

I sent you an email, you can send me all the files there.

Best regards,

Daniel Markov,

Support specialist.
answered by Daniel Markov (5.8k points)

Hello Daniel,

I have responded your e-mail, and thank you for your interest. However I could not provide you our project but I can explain the situation in detail. 

In our project there are lots of libraries that we are using and one of the library which has Logger class definition. Unfortunately, TypeMock has also Logger class definition and while building the project it says that "`Logger::Logger() has been declared multiple times". I cannot change the other library so I am trying my shot in here to use TypeMock.

Thank you for your interest,