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0 votes
Do you have an estimate on when typemock will support .net7? I am running and not able to run via the test navigator
asked by meansala (3.6k points)

1 Answer

0 votes

Yes, Typemock Isolator support for .net 7 is in production and will be releasing soon. cool

answered by Erel_TypeMock (2.6k points)
Can you please confirm if latest version of Typemock (9.2.3) supports .NET7 ?

Asking because we are not able to run tests on .net7 with TypemockIsolatorSuite- (getting AccessViolationException).

Hi Yury,

Since my previous comment we have found that a bug in .NET7 was interfering with Isolator's functionality, which causes this big delay.

That bug was fixed recently as you can see here, but has yet to be officially released. Once their fix is officially out, we could work on proper support of .NET7 with Typemock Isolator.