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:?: I have found an interesting tidbit but want to confirm with the TypeMock guys that this is working like I think it is:

After installing TypeMock there is an option to enable TypeMock to run VSNet addins - check that it is enabled.

Create a link in your external tools to launch the NUnit Gui.

If you launch the Gui from the tools menu it has type mocking enabled on it and you dont need to run the mocking_on.bat....

:?: Can you confirm that this is expected behaviour before I recommend it to my dev team?


asked by c0d3-m0nk3y (8.7k points)

1 Answer

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This is true for the current implementations of Visual Studio. We cannot garantee that it will stay that way.

A more supported way is to install the Free TestDriven.NET Add-in (aka Nunit Add-in).
Using this tool you can run and debug tests from within the Code Editor and Solution Explorer (both console and GUI mode)

You should try it out.
answered by scott (32k points)