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We've got System.InvalidProgramException while:
1) using NUnit 2.1 (our clients use 2.2 but they've got same error) & .NET 1.1
2) running test suite _doesn't_contain_ any mock objects.

Without TypeMoke the test works ok. The end of the log file is following (I can send full log if it is necessary):

PreCompiled:System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal class System.String PtrToStringAuto(int)
PreCompiled:System.IO.Directory class System.String[] GetFiles(class System.String,class System.String)
PreCompiled:System.String instance class System.String TrimEnd(wchar[])
PreCompiled:System.IO.Path void CheckSearchPattern(class System.String)
PreCompiled:System.IO.Directory class System.String[] InternalGetFiles(class System.String,class System.String,class System.String)
PreCompiled:System.IO.Path class System.String InternalCombine(class System.String,class System.String)
PreCompiled:System.IO.Directory class System.String[] InternalGetFileDirectoryNames(class System.String,class System.String,bool)
PreCompiled:Microsoft.Win32.Win32Native+WIN32_FIND_DATA instance void .ctor()
PreCompiled:System.Array instance int32 System.Collections.ICollection.get_Count()
Aurigma.GraphicsMill.LibraryModuleAbstract void Close()
IL_0 = ldnull
IL_1 = ldstr 0x70009132
IL_2 = ldstr 0x700096A4
IL_3 = ldnull
IL_4 = call 0x0A000225
IL_5 = brfalse.s 0x2B
IL_6 = ldnull
IL_7 = ldstr 0x70009132
IL_8 = ldstr 0x700096A4
IL_9 = ldnull
IL_10 = call 0x0A000229
IL_11 = dup
IL_12 = ldstr 0x70009132
IL_13 = ldstr 0x700096A4
IL_14 = call 0x0A000228
IL_15 = isinst 0x010000B5
IL_16 = brtrue.s 0x02
IL_17 = pop
IL_18 = ret
IL_19 = pop

PreCompiled:System.WeakReference instance void Finalize()
PreCompiled:System.Runtime.Remoting.Contexts.Context instance void Finalize()
PreCompiled:System.IO.StreamWriter instance void Finalize()
PreCompiled:System.Threading.CompressedStack instance void Finalize()
PreCompiled:System.Runtime.Remoting.IdentityHolder void CleanupIdentities(class System.Object)
PreCompiled:System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels.CrossAppDomainSink void DomainUnloaded(int32)
PreCompiled:System.IO.DirectoryInfo instance void Delete(bool)
PreCompiled:System.IO.Directory void Delete(class System.String,class System.String,bool)
PreCompiled:System.IO.Directory void DeleteHelper(class System.String,class System.String,bool)
PreCompiled:System.IO.__Error void WinIOError(int32,class System.String)
PreCompiled:System.IO.__Error class System.String GetMessage(int32)
PreCompiled:System.SystemException instance void .ctor(class System.String)
PreCompiled:System.NullReferenceException instance void .ctor()
asked by Sylph (600 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Yes please send us the log files.
I'm will send the my address offline.
answered by ohad (35.4k points)