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Hi all,
I've the following weird problem: if I run all the tests of my suite from visual studio (using a graphical runner), they work fine.
If I run my test from the console (using nunit-console), they continue to work fine.
Anyway, if I want to do some coverage, and try to run my test with ncover, I receive many failures on failed expectations (most of them continue to pass without problem).
How can I investigate better this problem?
Thank you for your help,
asked by Deimos (4.7k points)

4 Answers

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To run TypeMock with NCover you need to link TypeMock with NCover.
There are several ways to do this. See the details here
Please note that this feature needs Professional or Enterprise license.

Hope it helps
answered by ohad (35.4k points)
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Hi Ohad,
yes, I know, infact I'm using a Professional Edition. I tried all the available possibility:

* By linking NCover from the TypeMock configuration dialog
* By using TMockRunner with -link option

But in both the cases I have some tests are failing. Please note that most of the tests are passing (say 95%) and they also use TypeMock; only a few tests fail (say 5%) when running with NCover.

How can I fix this?
answered by Deimos (4.7k points)
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I would try an isolate the problem.
try and see if the failed tests are still failing if they are run alone.

If they do, I would suggest posting one of them here along with the exact error and the method by which you run them.

Also note that you are using quite an old version.
If possible, you can try to see if the problem persist with a newer version.
answered by lior (13.2k points)
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Hi Lior,
I already tried to run the failing tests in isolation, and they work fine. It is clear that are failing due something that is happening before their execution.
Also, we'd like to switch to a newer version, but we postponed this decision due the heavy performance penalties of the latest TypeMock version (see

Also, I tried to exclude from the run the failing fixtures, but I get errors on new fixtures. Please note that most of the errors are TypeMock.VerifyException on missing expectations.
answered by Deimos (4.7k points)