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When the expectation on a method is not met I\'m getting \"Typemock Isolator++ Assert Exception\" which is making the test program to stop.

Is it possible to add the listeners and make Typemock work with Catch2 ?
asked by venu (610 points)

2 Answers

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Hi Venu,

From what I understand, you are using Catch2 test framework and try to integrate it with Isolator?

Isolator does not support Catch2 out of the box, therefore, I would like to ask few questions before I can help:

1. Does any example work for you while using Catch2?

2.  Can you send us the logs?

It\'s better if you open a ticket in our support system, by sending your request to

We\'ll check it from our side and it case it doesn\'t integrate we\'ll put it on our roadmap.
answered by CoralTypemock (940 points)
+1 vote

Hi again,

We have tried to run tests locally both with Isolator++ and Catch2 and it seems to work.
You should download the latest version of Isolator++ from our site, then:
Adding "Isolator.h" according to Documentation:
Right-click on Project->Properties-> C++:
Go to and choose "C:\Program Files (x86) \Typemock\Isolator++\include\ForTests  (or where Isolator is located).
then Linker->Input- > 
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Typemock\Isolator++\bin\x64\IsolatorCore.lib" (Or where the lib of x64 is located).
Then Build Events->Post-Build Events ->
copy "C:\Program Files (x86)\Typemock\Isolator++\bin\x64\IsolatorCore.dll" "$(TargetDir)"
copy "C:\Program Files (x86)\Typemock\Isolator++\bin\x64\msdia140.dll" "$(TargetDir)"
(You should add msdia140.dll in order for it to compile).
Don't forget to #include "isolator.h"
Make sure both Platform and Debug are set to x64.
And finally, as you may know, the "catch.hpp" file should be at the Project folder before adding it to "Header Files".
Please let me know if it helps or if you encounter any difficulties.
answered by CoralTypemock (940 points)