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0 votes

I did encounter a problem, didn’t have a time to do a sample test to reproduce it.

This is the setup:

IObjectStoreAccess* objectStoreMock = FAKE<IObjectStoreAccess>();


The tested code

auto stam1 = store->separator();

    if (repositoryPath.empty())


        dp_error << "empty datapool path" << repositoryPath << endl;


    else if (repositoryPath.back() == m_objectStore->separator())//store->separator())


        dp_error << "path used should not include separator suffix:" << repositoryPath << endl;


The problem is in the function call in the else if.  If I use a local variable then I do get the mock return.  However if the function call is in the if clause I get an exception.

What am I missing?
asked by idan (600 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Hi Idan,

It is hard to tell.
What is the code that doesn't work?
What is the exception?
How is the fake being injected into the code?
answered by eli (5.7k points)
I have the same problem when i have a function that returns a vector or a class by Val