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Under Advanced on the SmartRunner tab, there is "Reuse Test Runner process". What exactly does this option mean? I searched online user guide and all it says is how to turn it on. The only other hit I found when searching for it is that in a previous release it was called "Cache the Runner". Can you tell me the pros/cons when it comes to enabling (or not) this option? Thanks!
asked by rileyrob (1.1k points)

1 Answer

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Hi Robin,
The "Reuse Test Runner process" tab is an optional .
Our default is to enable it, in this case you run on the same proccess and the advantage of it that the system save time and power to create a new proccess every run. 
You can disable it , in this case in each run new proccess will open, there are users who prefer to work using this option.
answered by inga (280 points)